Facebook Ads Account Access Request Approval

How do I get access to the Facebook Ads Account of my client? This is a common issue that I find with my staff and my clients as it can be tricky for those new to the Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager to navigate. In this video I explain how to either give […]

Facebook Lead Ads

What is a Facebook Lead Ad? How different is it to a normal facebook Ad? In the video above I show you a Facebook Lead Ad. The difference is that the form that the visitor fills out is done within the Facebook platform itself rather than on the website page (known as a landing page) […]

How To Download Your LinkedIn Contacts

Exporting and downloading your LinkedIn contacts can be great for adding to your database or creating LookALike Audiences in Facebook for Ad targeting – here is a step by step video that takes you through the process. This may not always be available as LinkedIn could easily change it’s terms & conditions around this function.

Product Research Using eBay Sales

Product research is very important for all online sales and using eBay for some basic research is fantastic! In this video tutorial I show you how I use it for my clients to evaluate if there are any competitors, if there is an audience, how often products are sold and how much for.