How to Run Facebook Contests Without Getting Banned

Steve Fallon

Steve Fallon

Facebook Contests the right way – Don’t risk getting your Facebook Page closed down by this one simple mistake!

We see this so often and it is against the Facebook Rules! Are you guilty of this, without knowing the ramifications? You cannot offer entries in Facebook competitions for; – “Liking Our Page” – “Liking Our Sponsors Page” – “Comment on This Post” – “Tag a Mate” Pages are being closed down – which may create huge issues for you if Facebook is a large part of your online strategy.

As a Social Media Agency, we can help you run great competitions that will grow your likes and follows but more importantly grow your email database and also add super SEO benefits to your pages and online products.

To do this yourself visit the best software to run this competition here https://gleam.io/?via=978140