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Bizweb Online Marketing Model for Business Success

If a business has a website that isn’t delivering the results that they expect, the common thing we see is that the business owner contacts a web design company to build a new website.

Most web designers will say, “Hey we can make your website look much better and that will give you more business”

On so many occasions all that happens is that you get a nicer-looking website but none of the other gaps like more web traffic, more clients and more sales are fixed.

Your web designer is happy because they got a new job but you are still frustrated thinking “this web stuff doesn’t work!”

We work with local Kiwi businesses and franchisees to generate at least 10 new high-end clients a month GUARANTEED.

Never waste your time on a tyre-kicker ever again with our DONE FOR YOU qualifying system

Prognosis without Diagnosis is Malpractice

Its Our Unique Online Marketing Process That Really Sets Us Apart

  1. Apply the Bizweb Online Marketing Model for Success into your business using the steps below.
  2. Diagnose first! What are your biggest pain points, what is causing them, and how can we fix them?
  3.  Take a snapshot of your online marketing as a whole… your website is just one part of the bigger online marketing picture.
  4. Develop an affordable plan to plug up all of the holes in your website that are leaking money,
  5. Only then we will grow your traffic to boost your qualified leads turning them into extra sales.
  6. Next, analyse what your competitors are doing well and do it better, so that your prospective customers or clients choose your business first.
  7. Finally, nurture your successful customers/clients and unsuccessful prospects to generate repeat sales and to mop up lost opportunities.
  8. We have been in the online marketing industry since 2006. That’s like 500 web years!